Bidding and Tendering

Akera offers comprehensive expertise for bidding and tendering activities

Our services broadly fit into the following four categories:

Bid Governance & Process

Bid Process Improvement

Bidding activity typically requires extensive investment and management attention, all within short bid timelines. Efficient processes are key to maintaining bid volume and quality.  

Having well-designed bid processes that are tailored to the business ensure: 

  • Focus on the right opportunities, aligned to business strategy
  • Application of effort to the right aspects of the bid
  • More efficient engagement with key subject matter experts 
  • Improved bid throughput 
  • Resilience for bid team turnover

The Akera team have performed reviews of bid processes and implemented improvement programs to address process gaps and inefficiencies. 

Pipeline Portfolio Management 

Akera assists our clients to improve how they identify, plan for and resource their pipeline of bid activity.

Akera have implemented unique technology solutions and have a range of simple and effective tools to help businesses to plan for bid activity, hit bid deadlines, monitor status of submitted bids and smoothly transition to project delivery. 

Bid Process Audit and Optimisation

Bid Management & Reviews

Management of complex bids requires the ability to lead people, industry experience and the ability to solve challenging cross-disciplinary problems. The Akera team thrive on the challenge of managing complex bids to tight timelines. We develop long term relationships with our clients, offering them a trusted experienced and hands-on bid management resource they call on during peaks of bid activity.

We are very adaptable to work with available client resources, and where there are gaps either source options through our network, or prepare bid deliverables ourselves. We have experience across most aspects of typical bid submissions, so have the ability to prepare key bid deliverables – cost estimates, delivery programs, proposal documents, presentations etc. Akera confidently manage complex bids across a range of industries and contract types, with contract values in excess of $300m. We typically manage responsibilities including:

  • Development of bid strategy
  • Detailed bid plans including identification of bid deliverables, timelines and resourcing requirements
  • Identification of potential delivery partners, subcontractors and suppliers, and preparing downstream RFQ’s
  • Analysis and review of commercial terms, pricing and program inputs
  • Risk and opportunity assessment and contingency calculations
  • Bid writing, including more technical content writing to addressing customer criteria
  • Preparation for bid reviews, board papers and governance milestones
  • Preparing and delivering customer presentations 
  • Post-submission negotiation and customer engagement
  • Handover and support to transition into delivery

Bid Reviews and Quality 

Akera clients draw on our extensive bidding experience to review bid submissions – either previous unsuccessful bids to identify opportunities for improvement, or in-progress bids ahead of key gate milestones to ensure quality and support their teams to proactively address issues.  



Bid Management

Bid Writing

Akera are bid writing experts – we prepare bid responses giving careful consideration to key tender selection criteria and our clients value proposition. We have extensive experience preparing management plans, delivery methodologies and other technical documents typically required as part of bid processes.

We understand every bid is unique, and deliver the attention to detail that is necessary to deliver content that is tailored and consistent with the bid strategy. We bring experience across a range of tender types and industries to bring creative ways to address criteria and position our clients for success. 

Management Plans and Technical Submissions

Typically bids request a series of technical documents to evidence that bidders understand the scope and have the systems, people and processes to deliver the outcomes required. We are confident developing highly technical content across a range of disciplines and industries, with extensive experience in utilities, renewables, oil and gas, mining, government, water and defence industries.

Akera build strong relationships and work collaboratively with subject matter experts from all disciplines to capture relevant information and ensure our clients put their best foot forward. 


Akera provide procurement expertise that works hand-in-hand with our bid management services.

For any growing contractor, procurement of products or services becomes increasingly important as larger more complex projects are pursued. Akera works with our clients on all aspects of obtaining the products or services.

Strategy and Planning

Where there is a substantial amount of subcontracted work, a well-developed downstream procurement strategy is imperative to ensure that you have the support of subcontractors and suppliers to inform your bid response. Akera help our customers to:

  • Identify the pool of potential suppliers and subcontractors to consider for the work
  • Assess commercial terms and establish appropriate risk allocation
  • Establish relevant information to provide and request in downstream RFQ’s
  • Manage and mitigate scope uncertainty, pricing and schedule risks
  • Ensure subcontractor packages are appropriately sized and structured to attract quality responses
  • Manage common uncertainties, such as commodity and foreign exchange volatility

Contracting & Implementation

Akera also ensure that the procurement strategy established during the bid phase is implemented as intended in delivery. We support internal teams with detailed handover, support whilst internal delivery teams are mobilised, and ongoing commercial support.

For more procurement services, see further detail here.