Procurement Strategy and Management

Akera brings a uniquely integrated perspective to deliver successful procurement outcomes in both government and private sectors

We work with our clients to develop procurement strategy, and execute with a consistent focus on the things that matter. We believe that procurement success often lies in doing the basics well:

Clear context

Understanding what the overall business is trying to achieve, and how the particular project fits in that landscape.

Identifying key project imperatives

Every project and procurement process has different drivers that define success – whether that be cost, schedule, safety, industry participation, innovation, risk allocation, stakeholder engagement etc.

These factors will also carry different weightings between projects – we help our clients to establish those criteria.

Assessing procurement and contracting model options

We have worked with both major asset owners and contractors, so have a good sense for how to match the right procurement process and contracting model with the situation to deliver optimal outcomes.

We have experience with a range of contracting models – BOOM, BOO, BOOT, DBOM, ECI, EPC, D & C, EPCM, Managing Contractor, Construct-Only, Panel Arrangements, O & M etc.

Developing clear and comprehensive scopes and tender documentation

We identify the optimal scoping of work to deliver savings without creating undue interface risk.

Our experience with suppliers and contractors mean we also understand what information they need to develop quality submissions.

We also quickly assess and source capable subject matter experts to provide timely inputs to the procurement process.

Understanding the contractor and supplier markets

We have the market knowledge and relationships to identify contractors and consortia with the capability to deliver.

Engaging at the right time and preserving competitive tension

We understand the appropriate timing to engage with the market, and identify long lead risks to ensure procurement activities support timely order placement.

We also find ways to maintain appropriate competitive tension in procurement processes ahead of contractual commitments.

Managing risk

We ensure key tender documents are structured with an understanding of key risks, requesting the appropriate detail to ensure clear risk allocation.